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We know drilling -- designing and building tools is what we excel at, which is why we collaborate with our clients in researching and providing solutions regardless of how technical the project may be.

As an ISO 9001 : 2015 and COR Safety certified machine shop, we hold to the highest quality and safety, while striving to meet our client’s expectations. From drafting and design services offered by our team of professional engineers to machining and inspection completed by our experienced machinists -- we are ready to meet your industry's unique challenges.

Calgary Machine Shop is here for all of your machine shop needs. If you're in need of machining services, reach out today to see how we can help. We're happy to help and customer service is our number one priority.

What does machine shop do?

A machine shop is a place that provides services for making, repairing, and maintaining machinery. The name machine shop comes from the fact that most of the machines in these shops are operated by hand power, like a lathe or milling machine. Machine shops are often used to manufacture metal parts for heavy industrial equipment and vehicles. They also provide repair services for home appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves. In this post, you will find out what you need to know about Machine Shop.

What You Need to Know About Finding The Right Machine Shop

Machine shops are often found in industry settings and they're used to manufacture parts for a variety of different machines. One example is machinery, like milling cutters that can be made out of steel or aluminum alloys. The machine shop also produces other items such as cutting tools and fixtures which are then sold at industrial trade suppliers.

Which tools are used in machine shop?

Machine shops are workshops or factories that have metal cutting and shaping machines. There are many different types of machines in a machine shop, but the three most important ones for this article are mills, lathe machines, and arbor presses. Mills (sometimes called endmills) cut material by using rotating tools called cutters to create cylindrical shapes from thin sheets of metal; Lathe machines turn pieces of wood or other materials on their axis while round wooden dowels can be turned into shafts with them; Arbor presses can tighten bolts between two parts by compressing hydraulic cylinders when levers are pushed down.

What types of machine shops are there?

Machine shops have many purposes: from making small custom pieces or prototypes; to replacing worn-out manufacturing equipment, repairing damaged goods; and producing spare parts during emergencies when the original supplier cannot supply the needed part quickly enough. The work varies because each company has the processes it follows on how to produce whatever product it manufactures with its specific machinery.

What services do machine shops offer?

A machine shop is a facility with equipment and supplies for machining, a process where parts are cut to prepare them. A lot of modern machine shops now offer CNC machining. Machine shops can be used in creating new products or repairing existing ones!

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